Ihop Gift Card Balance

Ihop Gift Card Balance, you can indulge on delectable pancakes, omelets, and other morning staples without worrying about breaking the bank. They’re a well-liked option for presents to friends and relatives as well.🙂

Are you wondering how to check the balance on your Ihop Gift Card Balance? An IHOP gift card is a fantastic choice whether you’re trying to treat yourself or someone you care about.

However, how can one check the amount on an IHOP gift card? How do you make use of it?🙂

Ihop Gift Card BalanceWe’ll address all of your inquiries and provide advice on making the most of your IHOP gift card in this post. Learn everything there is to know about Ihop Gift Card Balance balances by continuing to read!🙂

IHOP Gift Card Balance: How to Check and Use It

With IHOP gift cards, you can indulge on delectable pancakes, omelets, and other morning staples without worrying about breaking the bank.

They’re a well-liked option for presents to friends and relatives as well. However, how can one check the amount on an IHOP gift card? How do you make use of it?

Everything you need to know about IHOP gift card balances, including how to check them and use your card both in-store and online, will be covered in this article. We’ll also provide you some advice on how to make the most of your IHOP gift card.

Types of IHOP Gift Cards

Physical gift cards: These are standard plastic gift cards that may be bought online or at any IHOP restaurant.

Gift cards: These are electronic gift cards that may be bought &delivered.

Bonus cards:  Customers receive these unique gift cards as a token of appreciation for their continued patronage. Only participating IHOP restaurants may use bonus cards.

How to Check Your IHOP Gift Card Balance

Online: Click the “Gift Card Balance” link after visiting the IHOP website. To check your balance, enter your PIN and gift card number.

Over the phone: To check your balance, give 1 -855-316-7063 a call.

In-store:  Ask the cashier to verify your balance the next time you visit any IHOP location.

How to Use Your IHOP Gift Card

When you’re ready to make a payment in -store, just show your cashier your IHOP gift card. Enter your gift card number and PIN at the checkout to use your gift card online.

Tips for Using Your IHOP Gift Card

  • Prior to using it, check the balance. By doing this, you can prevent overspending.
  • Utilize it all at once or put it away for later use. The usage of your gift card is entirely up to you.
  • Hold on to it. Gift cards that are misplaced or stolen are not IHOP’s fault.
  • Present it to a friend or member of your family as a gift. Gift cards from IHOP are excellent presents for any occasion.

Understanding IHOP Gift Cards

Gift cards from IHOP are the ideal way to spoil yourself or your loved ones with a delicious meal. An IHOP gift card can make your loved ones happy on any special occasion, be it an anniversary, birthday, or anything else.

You can use these cards to pay for your favorite meals at any IHOP restaurant. They are available in different values.

Registering Your IHOP Gift Card

Although it’s not required, registering your IHOP gift card offers several advantages. Registering your card can assist guard against loss or theft of the balance. Regular IHOP customers will find it to be a useful option as it also lets you recharge your card online.

Go to the IHOP website, register, and add your gift card information to your account.

Managing Your IHOP Gift Card

  • Check your balance regularly.
  • Reload your card online.
  • Use it for payment at any IHOP location.
  • Enjoy IHOP’s delicious menu items.

Lost or Stolen Gift Cards

In the event that your IHOP gift card is lost or stolen, get in touch with customer support right away. with order to stop unwanted use, they can assist you with blocking the card and even issue a replacement.

Gift Card Expiration

Gift cards from IHOP never expire. You won’t have to worry about running out of balance when using them whenever it’s convenient for you.

IHOP Rewards Program

If you love IHOP, you may sign up for the rewards program to accrue points and receive exclusive deals and discounts. By connecting your gift card to your rewards program, every purchase you make will earn you points.

IHOP Hours

IHOP Hours

SUNDAY 6:00 AM 10:00 PM
MONDAY 6:00 AM 10:00 PM
TUESDAY 6:00 AM 10:00 PM
WEDNESDAY 6:00 AM 10:00 PM
THURSDAY 6:00 AM 10:00 PM
FRUIDAY 6:00 AM 10:00 PM
SATURDAY 6:00 AM 10:00 PM

Contact Information

IHOP Corporate Office Address: 450 N Brand Blvd 7th Floor
Glendale, California 91203

IHOP Corporate Phone Number: (818) 240-6055

You can also get in touch with the IHOP team through a form on their website.

Faqs About Ihop Gift Card Balance

Ihop Gift Card Balance

How can I check the balance on my IHOP gift card online?

By going to the official IHOP website, you may quickly check the balance on your gift card. Proceed to the “Gift Cards” area, input the PIN and gift card number, and then select “Check Balance.

” You may monitor the balance on your card from the comfort of your home using this easy online way.

What should I do if I’ve lost my IHOP gift card or it’s been stolen?

It’s critical to take immediate action if your IHOP gift card has been stolen or misplaced. Make quick contact with IHOP customer support and provide them the information they require, including the gift card number.

In addition to perhaps issuing you a replacement card to protect the balance that remains on your original card, they can help you disable the card to stop unwanted use.

Do IHOP gift cards have an expiration date?

No, there is no expiration date on IHOP gift cards. Without having to worry about losing the remaining balance, you can use them whenever it’s convenient for you at any IHOP location. Savor your preferred IHOP meals at any time.

Can I reload my IHOP gift card with additional funds?

Yes, you are able to add more money to your IHOP gift card. Using their own website, IHOP provides a handy online option for refilling your gift card.

This enables you to continue adding money to your card for IHOP meals in the future.

Can I use my IHOP gift card to pay for the entire meal, including taxes and gratuity?

Of course! Your IHOP gift card can be used to pay for the total amount of your meal, tax included and gratuity included. It’s an easy way to savor a great meal without having to worry about spending more money.

Are there any fees associated with using IHOP gift cards?

The use of IHOP gift cards is free of additional costs. The card is a great way to treat yourself or others to a delicious IHOP experience because its entire value is applied to your eating expenses.

Is it possible to redeem my IHOP gift card for cash?

Gift cards from IHOP cannot be exchanged for cash. To enjoy the menu items and the dining experience, they are meant to be used at IHOP restaurants.

Can I use my IHOP gift card at any IHOP location, regardless of the state or city?

Yes, gift cards from IHOP are accepted everywhere there is an IHOP in the United States. You can use your IHOP gift card to pay for your meals at any IHOP location, whether you’re visiting your hometown or another state.

Is it possible to combine multiple IHOP gift cards for a single purchase?

It is possible to use numerous IHOP gift cards to pay for a single transaction. Just present the server with all of your gift cards to be used when paying. They’ll be capable of handling the transaction appropriately.

Can I check my IHOP rewards points and gift card balance simultaneously online?

Yes, IHOP provides a user-friendly online platform where you can keep an eye on your IHOP rewards points in addition to checking the balance on your gift card.

For access to both features and to keep track of the status of your gift cards &rewards, simply log into your IHOP rewards account on the company’s official website or app.


We appreciate your interest in learning how to use &check the balance on your IHOP gift card. I hope you found this information useful.

IHOP gift cards are a fantastic method to get Scrumptious meals &drinks for less money. They’re a well-liked option for presents to friends and relatives as well. Thus, an IHOP gift card is a fantastic choice whether you’re seeking to treat yourself or someone you love.

Kindly contact IHOP customer support if you have any Questions or Issues with your IHOP gift card. They are always glad to assist.


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