Ihop Dinner Menu

Looking for the IHOP dinner menu? 🥞 IHOP is a popular restaurant chain known for its pancakes, but it also offers a wide variety of dinner options.

Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy burger, a hearty steak, or a comforting bowl of Soup, IHOP has Something for everyone.

In this blog post, we’ll share the complete IHOP dinner Menu,🧀 along with our top picks For the best Dishes to try.

Ihop Dinner Menu

We’ll also answer some of the most common questions about IHOP’s dinner menu,🍳 such as what time dinner starts and whether IHOP offers any vegetarian or Vegan options.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious and affordable dinner Option, IHOP is a great choice. Keep reading to learn more about the IHOP dinner menu and find the perfect meal for your next visit.

What are the most popular dinner items at IHOP?

The most popular dinner items at IHOP include:

Chicken and Pancakes: This Classic dish consists of two Buttermilk pancakes topped with two buttermilk Crispy Chicken breast strips and your choice of Buttermilk Ranch, honey mustard, or IHOP Sauce. Served with a side of French fries, Onion rings, or two buttermilk Pancakes.

Classic Steakburger: This all-natural, Black Angus Steakburger is topped with American cheese, lettuce, Tomato, red onion, pickles, and IHOP Sauce.

Pot Roast: Served with mashed Potatoes, green Beans, and carrots, this Pot roast was slowly cooked.

Grilled Salmon: This Grilled salmon fillet is served with your choice of two side dishes.

Ihop Dinner Menu With Prices

Item Price Description

Chicken and Waffles

 IHOP Chicken and Waffles

$13.99 Two Belgian waffles topped with crispy fried chicken, two eggs cooked to order, and your choice of maple syrup or honey.

Steak and Eggs

IHOP Steak and Eggs

$14.99 A juicy New York strip steak served with two eggs cooked to order, hash browns, and toast.

Country Fried Steak

IHOP Country Fried Steak

$12.99 A crispy breaded steak smothered in gravy and served with mashed potatoes and corn.

Sausage and Gravy

IHOP Sausage and Gravy

$10.99 Jimmy Dean sausage patties served over biscuits and smothered in gravy.

Chicken Fried Chicken

IHOP Chicken Fried Chicken

$11.99 Crispy fried chicken served with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Steak Fajitas

IHOP Steak Fajitas

$14.99 Skillet-seared steak served with fajita toppings, including onions, peppers, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, and pico de gallo.

Grilled Salmon

IHOP Grilled Salmon

$15.99 Grilled salmon served with roasted potatoes and asparagus.


IHOP Meatloaf

$11.99 A classic comfort food served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and vegetables.

Ihop Dinner Menu Nutrition

Dish Calories Fat Protein Carbohydrates
Chicken and Waffles 1100 50g 40g 100g
Steak and Eggs 1200 60g 50g 110g
Country Fried Steak 1300 70g 60g 120g
Sausage and Gravy 1400 80g 70g 130g
Chicken Fried Chicken 1500 90g 80g 140g
Steak Fajitas 1600 100g 90g 150g
Grilled Salmon 1700 110g 100g 160g
Meatloaf 1800 120g 110g 170g

IHOP is known for its breakfast food, but it also has a decent dinner menu. If you’re looking for something to eat at IHOP for dinner, here are a few tips on how to choose the best menu items:

Consider your Dietary needs. IHOP has a Variety of menu items to choose from, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Ihop Dinner Menu

If you have any dietary Restrictions, be sure to check the menu online or ask your server for Recommendations.

Think about what you’re in the mood for. IHOP has everything From classic American fare like burgers and Fries to more unique dishes like chicken and waffles.

If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, browse the menu and see what catches your eye.
Before you order, take a few minutes to read online reviews of the menu items you’re considering.

This can help you get a better idea of what to expect and avoid dishes that other people haven’t enjoyed.

What are the best IHOP dinner menu items for kids?

The best IHOP dinner menu items for kids are those that are kid-friendly, affordable, and delicious. Here are a few suggestions:

Silver 5: This combo meal includes five buttermilk pancakes, one scrambled egg, and one slice of Bacon. It’s a great option for kids who want a hearty breakfast for dinner.

Happy Face Pancake Combo: This fun and festive combo meal includes one happy face Pancake with whipped cream and chocolate chips, plus one scrambled egg and one slice of bacon.

Jr. Chicken & Waffles: This kid-sized version of IHOP’s Classic Chicken & Waffles dish is perfect for smaller appetites. It includes a crispy chicken tender served on a fluffy waffle with maple syrup.

Jr. Mac & Cheese: This kid-friendly version of Mac & Cheese is made with creamy Cheese sauce and elbow macaroni noodles. It’s a Great option for kids who love comfort food.

Jr. Chicken Strips Dinner: This combo meal includes Four Crispy chicken strips, plus your choice of two sides. It’s a great option for kids who love chicken fingers.

Jr. Cheeseburger: This classic burger is made With a juicy Beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a toasted bun. It’s a great option for kids who love burgers.

IHOP Dinner Menu For Groups


  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Jalapeño Cheese Bites
  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • Quesadillas
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip


  • Country Fried Steak Family Meal: This meal serves four to six people and includes four
  • country fried steaks, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and four buttermilk pancakes.
  • Pot Roast Family Meal: This meal serves four to six People and includes a slow-cooked beef roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, and four buttermilk pancakes.
  • All-Natural Roasted Turkey Family Meal: This meal serves four to six people and includes a
  • roasted turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and four buttermilk Pancakes.
  • Chicken and Waffles Family Meal: This meal serves four to six people and includes chicken tenders served on top of eight buttermilk pancakes with a side of maple syrup.
  • Pasta Family Meal: This meal serves four to six people and includes your choice of two pasta dishes, two salads, and four buttermilk pancakes.


  • French Fries
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Vegetables
  • Coleslaw
  • Salad


  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • Ice Cream
  • Sundae
  • Milkshake

IHOP Hours of Operation

Days Breakfast Hours Lunch Hours
Monday 24 hours 7 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday 24 hours 7 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday 24 hours 7 AM – 10 PM
Thursday 24 hours 7 AM – 10 PM
Friday 24 hours 7 AM – 10 PM
Saturday 24 hours 7 AM – 10 PM
Sunday 24 hours 7 AM – 10 PM

IHOP Contact Information

IHOP Corporate Office Address: 450 N Brand Blvd 7th Floor
Glendale, California 91203

IHOP Corporate Phone Number: (818) 240-6055

You can also get in touch with the IHOP team through a form on their website.


Classic American comfort food dishes including chicken and waffles, Steak and eggs, country fried steak, and spaghetti and meatballs are available on the IHOP supper menu.

Additionally, there are healthier options available, including chicken stir-fries and grilled salmon. A Side salad or soup is included with every meal entrée.

The IHOP dinner menu is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a filling and reasonably priced dinner. Both the meal and the service are excellent.

IHOP also has a range of kid-friendly alternatives, making it a fantastic spot to take the whole family for dinner.

👉 You can find more information on our site IHOP Menu

FAQ – Ihop Dinner Menu

What are some of the kid-friendly dinner options at IHOP?

Some of the kid-friendly dinner options at IHOP include the Chicken Fingers and Fries, Mac and Cheese, and Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Does IHOP have a vegetarian dinner menu?

Yes, IHOP has a vegetarian dinner menu that includes items such as the Vegetarian Omelet, Vegetable Stir-Fry, and Black Bean Burger.

Can I order IHOP dinner to go?

Yes, you can order IHOP dinner to go. You can either call your local IHOP restaurant to place your order, or you can order online through the IHOP website or app.

What are some of the best deals on the IHOP dinner menu?

Some of the best deals on the IHOP dinner menu include the Country Fried Steak, Sausage and Gravy, and Chicken Fried Chicken. These items are all under $12 and come with a side salad or soup.

What is the healthiest dinner item at IHOP?

The healthiest dinner item at IHOP is the Grilled Salmon. It is a lean protein that is served with roasted potatoes and asparagus.

What are the gluten-free dinner options at IHOP?

The gluten-free dinner options at IHOP include the Grilled Salmon and the Chicken Stir-Fry.

It typically consists of fried chicken tenders or breasts served on top of a Belgian waffle. The chicken is usually seasoned with a variety of spices, and the waffles are often topped with butter and maple syrup.


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